I like where I am right now. I’m speaking very literally here. I like where I am sitting. It used to be a street, I think; now it’s essentially a giant patio. There are paving bricks instead of asphalt, which I think adds a charming flair to the feel of the thing. The most pleasant element is that there is enough seating in the form of chairs around little cafe tables and benches under awnings, hence my perching here to write.

Other things I like about this used-to-be-street:
– There is the right amount of people here.I’m uncrowded but not alone.
– Two of the restaurants are decidedly and pretentiously French, and the wine store is advertising for a La Vie en Rosé.
– There is a shop selling gelato, which is Italian and my favorite.
– It’s picturesque. One of my great desires in life is to be present in picturesque settings.

I couldn’t ask for anything more at this moment. A breeze is blowing through the street and is making my skirt billow (picturesquely). I should go. I’m starting to rethink my self-imposed obligations for the evening. I’d really like to stay here until the stars come out and the globes of the cafe lights glow above my head.

I’ve just finished eating my salad. I should really go. The man at the salad place gave me a discount for being pretty today. He didn’t say that of course. But I order the same salad every time, and never have I heard the term “harvest salad” applied to my concoction of an order “because it’ll be cheaper that way.” My hair does look good right now. And I have a skirt that billows in the wind.

I think it’s time to leave.

*1 hour later*

I didn’t go. I sidetracked myself into Barnes and Noble instead. I bought Harper Lee’s book that just came out. My angst over this decision is not fit for publication. Suffice it to say that I sat debating the purchase for a good half hour before I gave in and bought the thing.

Now I just need to find a picturesque bench so I can sit and read.


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