I’m in Georgetown sitting by the river right now. Georgetown is where you have the option to sit under a tree by the canal or in the sun on the edge of the Potomac. I like that. I chose the river today for the breeze and for the view.

I walked over the Key Bridge to get here. I’ve never done that before. It’s summer though, and summer is for new things and for walking. That’s why I’m here by the river wearing very comfortable shoes.

Georgetown gets me thinking in “if-thens”. Mostly the ifs are “if I had enough money”. These are the thens:

– Then I would buy something at this Anthropologie for full price.
– Then I would always eat in places like that fancy restaurant with the climbing ivy and the balcony.
– Then I would stay in this hotel and have my car parked by the valets in the nice suits.
– Then I would become a student at Georgetown University so I could sit in the library.
– Then I would wear my full-priced Anthropologie dress to a concert at the Kennedy Center.
– Then I would move into this row house by the canal and I wouldn’t care how terrible the parking is.

Today I wonder if I am a city girl. Today I wonder if this is where I’ll grow old. I wonder if someday I’ll establish myself in one of these buildings intentionally stooping lower than the Capitol.

I’ll walk to the metro soon enough. I should probably buy a bottle of water, on account of it being hot and humid because this city is built on a swamp. I’ll lose my way a little bit, because I am alone and easily sidetracked by streets with shady trees and old buildings. But I’ll find my way eventually.


2 thoughts on “Adventuring

  1. I love Georgetown. Don’t give up thinking “if-thens.” I haven’t. (In fact, I’m going there tomorrow.)


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