Anna Banana grew up when I wasn’t looking.
You’re still eight years old in my mind,
And I make you work so hard
To convince me otherwise.

You survived our battles over bedroom clutter;
I never guessed you’d become the tidy artist,
And me the messy teacher
Who leaves her clothes everywhere when she visits.

You’re all grown,
But your feet are still the same size
As mine. I know this for a fact,
Because I borrowed your shoes, again.(thank you)

Related yet polar opposites,
I expect differences.
I still can’t believe
You read Anna Karenina before me.

And on your birthday, I can guarantee
That I will always be me, and you’ll be you,
So choose the movie, because
I would have picked anything but what you wanted.


Happy birthday, sis.
You’re pretty nifty.



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