Most Hesitant Follower

Some friends of mine recently released a gorgeous rendition of the hymn “He Leadeth Me.” I can’t recommend it enough:

I’ve been listening to it on repeat, not only because the music is heart-aching in how beautiful it is, but because the words of this hymn are true and yet entirely foreign to my unwieldy and sinful heart. Below is the only response I can summon.

In the Shadows of Small Understanding
Praise be–
My Lord is not intimidated
By my heart’s stubbornness.

Grace overflowing:
He uses even my most begrudging steps
To draw me nearer to Him.

Glory and wonder–
The Most High stoops
And gently clasps my most lowly hand.

And my soul sings for joy;
My imperfect melodies,
Born from a broken and helpless soul,
Finding a tune of grace
For the God of all praising.


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