Actions Speak
Smile said “we’re friends”
Mocking smirked and replied, “so you’ll love me no matter what.”
It was Hug who said “hello” in the first place
But he has to say “goodbye” as well.

I know you like my food because Eating told me so
And it was Reading who informed me of what we had in common
(Though Writing was more expressive on that point).

I think Buying Drinks said a lot more than he meant to.
Watching TV has this ditzy tone,
But she’s so quotable.

Fighting is the worst when she goes silent.
Better for her to speak up and get it over with.
Misunderstanding and Miscommunicating
Would do better to shut up more often.
But without them I suppose Forgiving would have much less to say,
And he has so much to teach us.

It was Listening who spoke peace into my life
And Responding who sung with hope and grace.

Being There is the quietest,
Or at least he seems that way,
Standing off in the corner.
But you know, he’s my favorite.
And trust me, once you get him going…


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