Forgive me, but I’m really enjoying the laziness here. Curled on the tiny couch, my feet tucked under his legs, his elbow resting on my knee, computer in his lap. You skim around your kitchen/dining room baking and cleaning. I’m blissfully uninvolved. John Mayer plays. I’m happy but quiet.

Of course I get looks from two of you. Thoughtfulness seems to provoke it. You ask for my thoughts. That makes me smile and blush; I’m still adjusting to someone wanting to know. But thank you for not pushing. There weren’t words yet. I suppose these are my words now.

I’m happy and content. Hearing conversation soundtracked to Pandora. Watching you move. Watching him on his computer, and him lying on the floor, phone in hand. I sit in a soft daze, hearing but not really processing. They talk about typing. You give me looks. I love that we stay on the same page even without words. I love that I can give him a face and get a laugh; though it feels a touch exclusive.

I could sit here forever. I love you. I know you know. But I’ll still keep saying it. I love them. More than they know. I love us and these moments when the world is quiet and friendship is loud.


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