The Capable Princess

The tower was comfortable,
As far as towers go.
The princess had taken things in hand,
When hope of rescue began dwindling.

She had all she needed,
She had planned and pieced together
A life that was pleasant,
As far as lives go.

She befriended passers-by,
And was beloved by the birds
Who would chirp at her windowsill each day.
She rarely lacked for company.

She was clever, so of course
She knew the way to escape
All that was missing
Was someone to hold the rope on the other end.

So you see this damsel’s distress wasn’t terrible,
As far as distress goes.
She and her tower were ready
For the prince to come.

Yet they never did.
Perhaps they wanted a greater challenge, or
Perhaps they couldn’t see the tower.

Thankfully, her tower was comfortable,
As far as towers go.
Only sometimes it was dreadfully lonely,
When the birds flew away to roost.


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